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Interessierte Bürger können sich über talkingeyes-and-more am Zentrum für Präventivmedizin und Augendiagnostik in Erlangen informieren:
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Description of the Telemedical Eye Examination System Talkingeyes®
Autoren: Georg Michelson (Erlangen)

2008 eHealth-Prize University Bayreuth, Germany
2 Technical Description of Important Aspects of the Telemedical Eye Examination Systems Talkingeyes®

1. Extended Image Acquisition: Talkingeyes® has the ability to upload images of all modalities (colour photograph, OCT, FFA, etc.) of the anterior and posterior segment.

2. Video Acquisition: Talkingeyes® has the ability to upload medical videos. In some cases of anterior or posterior segment documentation there is a need for video evaluation.

3. Standardized Medical Evaluation of Anterior and Posterior Segment: Talkingeyes® enables a standardized evaluation of the anterior segment and the posterior segment.

4. Dynamic generation of the Medical Report: The medical report of Talkingeyes® is generated dynamically. Only available data of findings and images were included. Findings of the anterior or posterior pole, images, and Procam-Index etc., were shown when data were available. Thus, the Talkingeyes® report can be very short or very extensive. When appropriate data were added, Talkingeyes® calculates the risk of incident stroke twofold, (1) based on retinal findings and (2) on blood pressure and blood fat numbers.

5. Master Patient Index (MPI): The Talkingeyes®-MPI identifies patients returning for a second examination. Then the talkingeyes® report shows the change of retinal findings comparing the findings of the first and the second examination of this patient.

6. Optional Connection to Siemens Soarian Integrated Care (S-IC): S-IC is a telemedical data base integrating all sorts of medical reports from different medical institutions for one patient within one patient chart. S-IC saves documents of different modalities such as MRI, ECG, and medical reports together with the Talkingeyes®-report. S-IC generates an integrated electronic patient chart with reports from all doctors, who are within the care team of this patient. Talkingeyes® is connected with the Siemens Soarian Integrated Care-Data base, producing a holistic view of the patient.

7. Talkingeyes® engineered by Siemens. The software behind talkingeyes® was primarily developed by Siemens Germany and eye specialists from Talkingeyes&more GmbH. The Talkingeyes®-network has been in existence for a decade, during which time about 70.000 patients have been examined.

8. Award Winning: Talkingeyes® and the technology employed has won several awards:

a. 2006 Prize “Medicine-Technique-” of Erlangen town,

b. 2008 eHealth-Prize University Bayreuth, Germany,

c. 2012 Karl-Storz Telemedicine Prize, Germany.

1 Medical Background

2 Technical Description of Important Aspects of the Telemedical Eye Examination Systems Talkingeyes®

3 Operational Description and Medical Applications of the Telemedical Eye Examination Systems Talking

4 Prevalence of Retinal Microangiopathic Abnormalities and Optic Nerve Atrophy in “Healthy” Subjects D

5 Contact

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